Weaving It Together 3

Weaving It Together 3

via Weaving It Together 3.


Unit1 Symbols
Chapter 1 Color Me Pink
Chapter 2 And the Lucky Number Is…
Unit2 Customs
Chapter 3 Thanksgiving-Hawaiian Style
Chapter 4 Hop to It!
Unit3 Mind and Body
Chapter 5 Personality Revealed
Chapter 6 Pets to the Rescue
Unit4 People
Chapter7 The Sherpas : Life at 10,000 Feet
Chapter8 From Slavery to Greatness : The Life of George Washington Carver
Unit5 Food
Chapter9 A Taste of America
Chapter10 What’s for Breakfast?
Unit6 Language
Chapter11 Keeping It Secret
Chapter12 English Around the World
Unit7 Environment
Chapter13 Behind Bars at the Zoo
Chapter14 Crops, Codes, and Controversy
Unit8 Readings from Literature
Chapter15 A Poetic Look at Languages
Chapter16 A Fable about an Untouchable Man

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