Greetings in Passing

e0b8a3e0b8b9e0b89be0b8a0e0b8b2e0b89e1.jpgGreetings in Passing

It is polite to greet a person you know. However, you don’t always have time to stop and have a conversation. Just remember to smile as you say hello. A small wave is also polite. Sometimes you pass the same person a second time on the same day. You can say “hello again” or just smile.


Slow down to greet someone you know. You don’t have to stop what you are doing (walking, working, shopping).

Say an appropriate form of hello.

Smile and wave.

Useful phrases

Listen and read:



Good morning

Good afternoon

Good evening*

Hey, John.

How’s it goin’?**

*Good night is a farewell (goodbye) phrase. It is NOT a greeting to use at night time.

**Native speakers often shorten “going” to “goin” in casual greetings.

Slang greetings in passing

Using slang in a greeting is typical between close friends. Teens often use slang when they greet each other. Certain English speaking countries also have their own popular form of “hello”.

Listen and read:





G’day (Australia


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